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Airlines, airports, suppliers of technology & services operate in an intensely competitive market. At the same time aviation is one of the most regulated industries. Safety always prevails and reducing environmental impact is high on all agenda's.

Success is so much more than making profit or correctly fulfilling a regulatory role. It means adding value. Value creation is only possible through team work at the next level. Connecting people, ideas and interests is wrapped in the DNA of WLTKaviation, it's our purpose.


Aviation consultancies tend to be highly specialized in specific knowledge or processes. It makes it possible to excel in dedicated areas. Delivering leadership and project management in highly multi-disciplinary or multi-interest ventures asks for competences that don't mix with the 'specialist way of working'. WLKTaviation focuses explicitly on leadership and project management. Understanding aviation by 25 years of industry experience and keeping up with state of the art innovation approaches.

proud of track record: check out some examples

teaming up

Building and leading a team with the best of your people is what Dinand prefers. Only add from the outside what's really lacking or needed to create momentum.

Dinand is the core of WLTKaviation. He has directed (international) projects for all organizations mentioned in the client lists.

Together with client Air Traffic Control The Netherlands he was awarded with 2nd place in the national Project of the Year Benchmark initiated by ATOS Trend Institute: “The project manager as entrepreneur”.

guiding principles on selected topics

Each situation asks for a specific approach. There are hardly any blue prints at hand when it comes to complex matters. Being dogmatic makes you overlook things, ignore signals and miss opportunities. But concerning beliefs & behavior there are principles Dinand is guided by. Some examples on selected topics.

Success is much more than making profit. Adding real value is what it is about, regardless of your position in the value chain.

Leave everything you touch in the world a little bit better behind  than it was.

Set preconditions and facilitate, but also, intervene, direct, and exert influence. Such personal interventions require self-knowledge and an active interest in other people. Detect pattern breaks, but create them as well: momentum!

Manager’s ‘spreadsheet fetishism’ kills the soul and drive of professionals. Make it possible for them to thrive and then get out of the way.

  1. ‘Do what you gotta do’

  2. ‘Walk your talk’

  3. ‘It’s not about you, connect others’

  4. ‘Succeed fast, but fail even faster’

  5.  ‘I don’t like that man, I’m going get to know him better’ (Abraham Lincoln)

What makes people tick? No idea! Wouldn’t you be insulted by ‘motivational’ programs?! Respect your people, create opportunity for people to motivate themselves by what they’re doing. Listen & support. But do challenge.

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